Sunday School


Exciting classes are offered for children from birth through 6th grade because even the youngest baby can learn about God's love. Kids will enjoy fun games, exciting music, and age-appropriate Bible study. 

Elementary and Preschool classes are use the Orange curriculum. Elementary and Preschool each have their own "theme" for the month as a base for that month's Bible stories.  This curriculum allows for more age appropriate discussions in each classroom, and builds on lessons learned as they grow.  

Orange curriculum's emphasis is to combine the efforts of the church and the family to give children a firm foundation and lead them to a deeper faith.  Home is where discipleship really takes root, and we strive to provide you with the necessary resources to support you in this endeavor. Do not hesitate to reach out if there is any way we can help you! 

Wednesday night

6-7:30 pm (see map below for best entrance)

Children participate in age appropriate classes each Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 pm. We continue to build on the lesson from Sunday morning using Orange curriculum.  Kids love watching the weeks "So and So Show" and being more active to stretch their muscles and play hard to help break up the school week. This combination of teaching them Biblical answers to tough situations while the exciting games give kids a great experience at church.