Wednesday night

6-7 pm (see map below for best entrance)

Children participate in Real LYF classes each Wednesday from 6 to 7 pm. These high-energy classes are designed to give kids a chance to stretch their muscles and play hard to help break up the school week. It is a combination of organized games with topical lessons dealing with issues kids face every day. This combination of teaching them Biblical answers to tough situations while the exciting games give kids a great experience at church. 

Sunday School


Exciting classes are offered for children from birth through 6th grade because so that even the youngest baby can learn about God's love. Kids will enjoy fun games, exciting music, and age-appropriate Bible study. 

Kid's and Young Adult Sunday School classes are all using the same curriculum, called The Gospel Project. This curriculum allows kids and their parents to study the same Bible story, at their own level, each week. This means that parents can have conversations with their kids after class.  Getting families connected is very important to the children's ministry of First Baptist.