Student ministry Mission and vision statements

The Mission of the Student Ministry of First Baptist Church is to encourage students to be Christ-followers and to connect them through meaningful relationships.

The Vision of the Student Ministry of First Baptist Church is to ignite students with a passion for Jesus Christ, a love for the lost, a commitment to the local church, and to launch them into the world prepared for life, for relationships, for service and for leadership.

Minister to Students Job Description

Principle Function: 

The Minister of Student is responsible to the Pastor and the Church for organizing,

directing, conducting, and evaluation ministries with youth (7th through 12th grades).


  • Create opportunities to introduce young people into the life of the church. 
  • Introduce the gospel message to young people through evangelism.
  • Equip young people to share their faith outside of the church.
  • Provide activities for young people designed to strengthen their walk with Christ.
  • Develop a base of leadership for both students and adults to understand and to strengthen the youth ministry.
  • Maintain a safe and Christian atmosphere for all who participate in the student ministry.
  • Teach youth Christian principles using the Bible as the center of all instruction.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to be involved in mission opportunities and summer camp opportunities.
  • Organize, direct, and schedule parent/youth meetings to develop better communication within families.
  • Provide literature that promotes the spiritual growth in young people.
  • Involvement with youth in their activities at school and in the community is a priority.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the youth ministry.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.