Parent Resources

Below you will find some helpful resources and websites for parenting in the 21st Century.  The resources and websites below will offer ideas and engage you in thought and discussion with your students to help you as you navigate the waters of our culture.

  • A ministry dedicated to "helping parents, youth workers, educators, pastors and others understand and reach today's youth culture."  The website includes articles, The Youth Culture podcast, media, resources. books and links to the CPYU radio broadcast which I find very helpful and the link above to be taken to the CPYU website.

    Clicking on the image will allow you to download the parent newsletter from CPYU.

  • Dad's, this one is for you.  this resource is designed to help you be a better father and husband.  The articles and resources are there to challenge and engage you in the process of being a better man, father and husband as you honor Christ in your life and in your relationships with others.

  • This website is dedicated to mom's.  You will find information here about parenting, marriage, self.  There are a range of ideas for mom's teenagers, adult kids, college age and down to toddlers.  There are resources, printables, etc for mom's of all ages and all age kids.

  • Rightnow Media is an incredible resource that our Association has made available to us.  There are thousands of videos, kids content, teaching and discipleship materials, training seminars and much, much more available to you and your family. 

    If you would like to access this incredible resource, please use the contact information that was sent out to all parents and students, or contact Roger Stafford to get set up on this platform.  This resource is provided to you free of charge.  Check it out and see all the incredible content available to you and your family